Common Causes of Male Infertility – Overview and Precautions

Common Causes of Male Infertility – Overview and Precautions

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Good male fertility means healthy sperms with higher sperm count for better results. A huge number of people are getting the common issue of infertility were are getting the issue with the erection.

There are several reasons which can cause infertility, and if you are reading about the causes, you can consider some precautions on the same to never face such issues. Along with these factors, consulting to a doctor on an online portal is a better option for privacy and not feeling shame.

1. Abnormal Sperm Production

Due to undescended testicles, many people face such issues. It can be due to genetic defects, diabetes, infection, or any other health-related issues. The common symptom is with erection or pain in the stomach. In such cases, you can consider and consult to a doctor to get it tested. They have a live video call feature to maintain your privacy, and you can do it from the room instead of going to any hospital.

2. Premature ejaculation

People who don’t last for long with their partner usually have Premature ejaculation, and it is a common symptom. If you sense any kind of ejaculation problem or less liquid feeling of sperms, then you should consult an online doctor. It is a kind of safer and better option to go after.

3. Overexposure

Having any kind of overexposure to pesticides, chemicals, steroids, nicotine, or any kind of drug is also a problem. The common patient of premature ejaculation or poor sperm count smoke as well as take drugs like weed.  Overexposure is harmful to sperm count; that’s why you should be careful. Consulting to an online doctor will be a better opportunity, and Kikdokter is quite a helpful option to go after for betterment.